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More Information & FAQs

The REEL Beautiful Charleston contest is sponsored by DEZ Inc. and Carolina Rides and awards prizes for original, engaging reels about Charleston, SC created for, and posted exclusively, on the Instagram app. The contest is also for those who enter a random drawing by voting on their favorite finalist reel.

Phase ONE, follow these steps to enter with an Instagram reel:
  • Create and share public Instagram reels using your primary personal profile. Use best practices listed below to help ensure that your content is eligible for the contest. Reels posted from Pages or Groups are ineligible.
  • Add #ReelBeautifulCharleston to the description of each reel during the eligibility period of March 1 – 21 for the reel to be considered for a chance to win. There is no maximum to the number of reels you can submit, but you can only win one (1) prize in this contest.
  • Charleston Magazine will contact you via Direct Message to claim your prize. Please make sure to monitor your email once the contest ends to see if you’ve won. You will have 14 days from first contact to complete prize claim paperwork.
  • Your reel may be promoted in a gallery of winning reels on the Charleston Magazine Instagram page and website landing page.
Phase TWO, follow these steps to be entered into a random drawing:
  • Once the reel finalists have been chosen, visit the contest Landing Page at
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Opt in to accept the contest rules.
  • Vote for your favorite REEL Beautiful Charleston finalist.
  • Follow @charlestonmag and @carolinarides on Instagram.
  • Use vertical video.
  • Post original video created only for, and posted only to, Instagram about Charleston, SC.
  • Use Instagram Reels creative tools like text, filters and camera effects.
  • Avoid creating content that is blurry due to low resolution or unclear due to overlapping visual elements; is recycled from other apps or social media platforms; or uses content not created or owned by you.
  • Anyone who resides and is physically located in 1 of the 50 US States or DC.
  • Is at least 18 years old.
  • Has a valid email address.
  • Has an Instagram account in good standing that is at least 30 days old.
  • Publicly share your most entertaining, original Instagram Reels about Charleston, SC from your primary personal Instagram account.
  • Professional Mode is okay, but Pages or Groups are not.
  • Include #ReelBeautifulCharleston in the reels description for each reel to be eligible.
  • Vote on your favorite finalist reel to enter the random drawing.
  • For the reels and their creators who meet eligibility requirements, the passing reels will be judged on a variety of characteristics.
  • Including but not limited to originality, shareability, quality and interest.
  • The highest scoring reels will be awarded prizes subject to verification.
  • Eligible finalist voters will be entered into a random drawing.
  • To be eligible for the contest, reels must be posted from your primary personal Instagram account and the account can have Professional Mode turned off or on.
  • Reels cannot be posted from secondary personal Facebook accounts, Pages or Groups.
  • To be eligible for the contest, reels must be newly created by you for the REEL Beautiful Charleston contest and posted only to Instagram.
  • Reels created for and/or posted to other platforms are not eligible.
  • Reels must only contain original images and/or video footage conceived and taken by the creator.
  • There is no limit to how many reels can be entered.
  • Keep creating and sharing your best public reels with hashtag #ReelBeautifulCharleston.
  • For your reel to be eligible, it must be posted as a public reel.
  • It must be viewable without request or permission required.
  • It must only contain original images and/or video footage conceived and taken by the creator.
  • It must also be kept viewable for at least 1 year after this contest concludes.
  • Carolina Rides is the prize administrator for the REEL Beautiful Charleston contest.
  • If your reel is a winner, or if you win the random voter drawing, you will receive a Direct Message on Instagram with instructions on completing prize claim paperwork.
  • Once necessary paperwork is completed and verified, DEZ Inc. and Carolina Rides will arrange prize pickup with you.
  • Keep an eye on your Instagram notifications after the contest to see if you’ve won.

Prize claim paperwork must be completed within 14 days of being notified as a winner.

  • The reels contest is void where prohibited.
  • Contest prizes and questions surrounding them are awarded and resolved at DEZ Inc.’s discretion.